How Much does SEO Cost?red ferrari wheel concept of wealth through expertise in seo to rank websites

You’re probably wondering, “Whats this going to cost me?”

Well, that depends on your outlook on investing.

You don’t buy SEO as a product or service. It is an investment that will give you an ROI far greater than the actual cost (when done correctly).

So, longterm there should be no cost as you get payed with the extra leads and customers that it brings into your business.

What is the Best Investment Strategy?

This also depends because SEO is priced on many different factors. What is the exact outcome you are looking for? Are you looking to buy a Honda or a Ferrari? Massive difference in price, performance, and appearance.

Main factors of SEO cost to value equation:

  • Do you need a “one off” service where this is a one time deal? or on-going marketing strategy for continued growth of your business?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • How long are you expecting the results to take to get to your goals?
  • The size of the SEO agency, and the reputation of the SEO Expert
  • Target Market – large city with high competition? small town, niche focused, or local mom and pop store?
  • Local, regional, or national rankings?

When all of these questions have been answered, the price range you can expect monthly is: Gold bars representing a “return on investment” to symbolize the rise in revenue you can get with expert search engine marketing.

One-time project – ranges from $500 to $5000 depending on the scope

Continual monthly marketing campaign – Local businesses $1,500 to $8000 per month, depending on niche and competition. Larger cities require larger budgets as you can bet your competition is spending good amount on their campaigns.

For national companies, corporation, and celebrity SEO, you can expect $10,000 and up for ongoing service

Are you looking for Cheap SEO services?

Just close your browser window and leave my site if you are looking for cheap services. Never going to happen. We don’t want your business if you don’t have enough respect for our expertise or respect for your business to invest properly for maximum results that will give you an ROI within a few months and continue to do so years from the start date of your marketing services.

I will never lie to you or try to hide things from you and honest and integrity with expert services do not come cheap. If you want your business to rank No.1 then you have come to the right place but be willing to pay an appropriate amount for it. I will not gouge you with unrealistic prices just to get your money. Everything I do and charge has a measureable dollar figure attached to it.

So why not trust your business to someone who has your best interest at heart?

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