Blogs Versus Social Media: Which is Best to Promote Your Brand?

“Return on investment” is the best way to spend your marketing budget when measuring SEO services.

Internet habits have changed in the last decade. Fewer people surf the web, as they now rely on a handful of social media sites to find content.

Many have since proclaimed that blogs are “dead” and that social media should be the primary focus of any online marketing strategy. But this may not be the case for all brands. Read on to discover which best serves your particular brand. Blogs can do what social media can’t.



Blogs, on the other hand, are extremely varied. You can set up your own sidebars, create different categories for posts, and most importantly, you have no limits on word count or content form.Local search engine optimization in Los Angeles CA.


You can publish articles with pictures, quizzes, item listings, etc. You can express the values and culture of your brand fully, while also offering a more in-depth experience for readers. Still, there is no denying social media is king Most users aren’t actively seeking blogs.


They log in to their various social media accounts, scroll past the new updates, and then rinse and repeat. Users on social media have more interactions with more pages, but the interactions are quicker and often superficial. This is why content has become so fractured. People only invest in brands that are absolutely perfect for them.


You need to determine the tastes of your brand’s potential market. Are they looking for fast interaction, like a brief clip or a short interest article? Then you might be better off on sites like Facebook and Instagram. But are they looking for something more in-depth, like a podcast or long-form essay? If so, the blog may not be as “dead” as people claim. Focus your efforts in the right place After determining your audience’s online behavior, you likely know whether or not you should invest in a blog. Make sure your social media accounts funnel users to your blog–where the real content is–and keep enough interactive features on your blog to entice people to return.


Things like a forum or comment section will help convince people to make visiting your blog a part of their daily internet habits. But that’s not the end of the story. You need to sit back and observe what your audience actually does. See where most of their interactions occur. Are they on your blog, or are they on your Facebook page?On-page and off-page SEO combine to give the best ranking results over time.


Perhaps they’ve formed their own communities on Reddit or Tumblr. Wherever your audience is, you need to go there. Focus your efforts where they are, and if they aren’t taking the bait to visit your blog, it’s okay to transition your online marketing to social media. Whether blogs or social media are the best choices for you, what matters most is getting in touch with your audience.


Ultimately, you should have a presence everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress–anywhere you could potentially have an audience. But make sure to identify where your audience is clustering, and make sure all your online pages funnel people to that location.






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